Do You Have a Good Understanding of Your Cooling System?

If the temperature gauge on your vehicle begins to rise then there's almost certainly an issue with your cooling system. It could be a coolant leak, a faulty thermostat or something worst. Preventing a failure in your vehicle's cooling system requires that you stay on top of its maintenance.

Maintenance of your vehicle's cooling system shouldn't be difficult once you learn the different components of the system and their function. The water pump circulates coolant throughout the cooling system and engine. The thermostat regulates the right operating temperature, and the radiator...

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Are You Familiar with What Your Exhaust System Does?

Though not as glamorous as other parts, the muffler and exhaust system of your vehicle plays a vital role. The most prominent job that the muffler and exhaust system does is reduce or completely eliminate engine noise, but they also serve to reduce the impact that your vehicle's emissions have on you and the environment at large.

The exhaust system and muffler on your vehicle collects, analyzes, processes and reduces the sound of gases generated by the operation of the engine. If it were to fail, toxic fumes could enter the vehicle cabin and the air at large, damaging…

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A Full Gas Tank Can Make Winter Driving Easier

Driving in winter weather conditions can be stressful. Your trip can be slower than usual, and road conditions can be challenging. One thing you can do to relieve the stress is to keep your gas tank full. We at Marthaler Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM know that this may sound silly to you – after all, your grandfather probably told you the same thing: “When your tank gets down to say, half full, stop and fill your car up. It’s better for the car and easier for you.”

There’s some truth to that statement. The extra weight of a full…

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How Often Should You Really Change Your Oil?

Oil changes are an automotive service that almost every driver knows their vehicle will need at some point in time. How often, though, is it necessary to change your oil? If you've been using the 3,000-mile rule, then you are likely changing it too frequently.

Located in your vehicle's owner's manual is a recommended oil change interval. You can't go wrong by following this recommendation, as it is tailored to both the model of car you own and to your driving habits. The other way to determine when your oil needs to be changed is…

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Purchase Parts through Our Dealership for the Best Help

You are looking for parts for your vehicle, and our staff will help you get all of the parts that you need. You are looking for parts that will keep your vehicle running well, and our staff at Marthaler Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM will make sure that the parts that you get will do just that.

Our staff is going to talk with you to make sure that they know what kinds of parts your vehicle needs. They will talk with you to make sure that you know how to put the parts in your car - and they can take…

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Reasons to Get Your Parts from Our Worthington, MN Service Center

Most people find it hard to find the perfect place to purchase parts for their vehicle while saving time and money. Some resort to traveling all the way to a junkyard to find parts that don't quite match up with their vehicle. While its fine to want to go to the junkyard for car parts, the dealer would be our best option when it comes to finding durable, authentic parts of your vehicle. Here are some reasons why it would benefit you to get your parts from Marthaler Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM:

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