A Full Gas Tank Can Make Winter Driving Easier

Driving in winter weather conditions can be stressful. Your trip can be slower than usual, and road conditions can be challenging. One thing you can do to relieve the stress is to keep your gas tank full. We at Marthaler Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM know that this may sound silly to you – after all, your grandfather probably told you the same thing: “When your tank gets down to say, half full, stop and fill your car up. It’s better for the car and easier for you.”

There’s some truth to that statement. The extra weight of a full gas tank can help provide traction on a snowy road. Using safe winter driving techniques and keeping that gas tank full will pay. The back end of your car is less likely to slide around as you accelerate when there’s some weight on it. In addition, if stop more often for gas, you’re more likely to be able to stop during daylight hours when it’s warmer.

With winter maintenance tips from our service staff, we’re confident that you’ll be able to cruise confidently in the Worthington, MN area this season!

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