Are You Familiar with What Your Exhaust System Does?

Though not as glamorous as other parts, the muffler and exhaust system of your vehicle plays a vital role. The most prominent job that the muffler and exhaust system does is reduce or completely eliminate engine noise, but they also serve to reduce the impact that your vehicle's emissions have on you and the environment at large.

The exhaust system and muffler on your vehicle collects, analyzes, processes and reduces the sound of gases generated by the operation of the engine. If it were to fail, toxic fumes could enter the vehicle cabin and the air at large, damaging you and the environment. Proper and timely maintenance ensures that this system continues to work cleanly and efficiently.

We are equipped to handle vehicle service and repair, so bring your vehicle to our service center at Marthaler Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM when you need your exhaust system and muffler checked and serviced. Will make sure that you remain safe and all is well with your vehicle's operation.

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